Wrocław Spatial Information System

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Below you can find list of datasets and services available to download. Click on any item to learn more.

Datasets can fall into two categories:


name access
Streets and Addresses
Demographic data for years 1998-2023
District boundaries
Local plans regulations
INSPIRE Planned Land Use
Drawings of Local Plans
Building heights
Water bodies
Bicycle routes
Road accidents and collisions 2016 - 2024 I kw
Base map
Orthoimagery 2023
Orthoimagery 2022
Orthoimagery 2021
Orthoimagery 2020
Orthoimagery 2018
Orthoimagery 2015
Oblique imagery 2015
Akty Planowania Przestrzennego SUiKZP
Spatial Planning Datasets - local plans


name type
2023 Orthoimagery WMS service WMS
2023 Orthoimagery WMTS service WMTS
2022 Orthoimagery WMS service WMS
2022 Orthoimagery WMTS service WMTS
2021 Orthoimagery WMS service WMS
2021 Orthoimagery WMTS service WMTS
2020 Orthoimagery WMS service WMS
2020 Orthoimagery WMTS service WMTS
2018 Orthoimagery WMS service WMS
2018 Orthoimagery WMTS service WMTS
2015 Orthoimagery WMS service WMS
Base map WMS service WMS
Streets and Addresses WFS service WFS
Local plans regulations WFS Service WFS
INSPIRE Land Use WFS service WFS
Local plans regulations WMS Service WMS
INSPIRE Land Use WMS service WMS
INSPIRE Land Use CSW Catalogue service CSW
Spatial Development Study WMS service WFS
Spatial Development Study WMS service WMS
Usługa przeglądania (WMS) zbioru danych przestrzennych Aktów Planowania Przestrzennego SUiKZP WMS
Usługa pobierania (WFS) zbioru danych przestrzennych Aktów Planowania Przestrzennego SUiKZP WFS
Local plans dataset WFS service WFS
Spatial planning datasets ATOM service ATOM
Local plans dataset WMS service WMS


The following tools were developed by Spatial Information System team and published for everyone to use.Click on an item to learn more.

Wrocław Streets and Addresses search- ESRI ArcGIS Addin
SEWIK data conversion tool


Metadata geoportal allows you to search and browse our INSPIRE Land Use datasets metadata.
Our metadata conforms to Commission Regulation (EC) No 1205/2008 of 3 December 2008 implementing Directive 2007/2/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards metadata.

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Terms of use of Spatial Information System data

Responsibilities of Spatial Information System and terms of use of its data is regulated by Mayor of Wrocław regulation no. 4746/08 of November 13, 2008 r.