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Plan regulations in vector form

In addition to viewing individual plans and their drawings we provide you with another way of exploring our local plans database
"Plan regulations" layer allows you to browse all the local plans seamlessly in unified, vector form

Detailed regulations on planned land use

To access this information you need to activate "Land use (simplified)" layer first. Then you can identify individual zones and view detailed infomation.

Relevant information in under "Tereny - uproszczona klasyfikacja przeznaczenia" in the popup window and identification icon icon in top right corner. It is not translated to english, however in addition to polish definitions of planned land use we provide you with classification in accordance with HILUCS standard.

Formatka identyfikacji Formatka identyfikacji

Zakładka - ustalenia mpzp

Note on "Plan regulations" layer

This data is not to be treated as a replacement for traditional printouts of individual plans. It is by definition processed and therefore altered.
For this reason it no longer has any legal force.

Plan details

Detailed information on local plan is avaiable upon identification of any item on "Local plans - plan boundaries" layer

Local plan identification popup

Tools description:

Zoom to plan extent - Zoom to plan extent

Additional information - Additional information (in polish)

Export as table - Export as table

Add to selection - Add to selection

Remove from selection - Remove from selection

Plan drawing - Show/hide plan drawing ("Rysunek" - show drawing clipped to plan area, "Legenda" - show only map legend, "Oryginał" show entire drawing with legend, frame and surroundings

You may need to disable any layers you activated before the drawings become visible.

Citywide, premade analyses on planned land use

Layer group "Assignment analysis" presents a set of premade analyses on our planned land use database. The layers show local plan zones where analysed function is permitted.

Data update on a regular basis.

Symbols on the map

Collecting applications for projects collecting applications icon

Upon commencing work on local plan a period of collecting applications begins. It usually lasts for a couple of weeks and the end date is visible after identification of the icon

Public expositions / public consultations public expositions icon

After initial work on plan project it is set forth for public exposition. This starts a period of collecting reviews. You can view relevant dates after identification of the icon:

Legal appeals legal proceedings iconPlan invalidated icon

This group of entries can represent each of these states: